A day in the life with Acacia Designers Naomi and Lyndie

Hard-work and determination all with the same vision. Two best friends who decided to become business partners while bringing their bikini perception to conception, to now owning one of the top swimwear brands sold globally! Owners of Acacia Swimwear Naomi and Lyndie have made it! A bikini line known for “more skin the better” which we could not agree with more, features infused styles between the low-cut Italian bikini and the classic Brazilian fit. Acacia Swimwear embodies effortless femininity with a side of sophistication. With the launch of Acacia Swimwear in 2008,  Naomi and Lyndie took their dreams into reality by embedding their daily lives inspirations such as travel, the beach lifestyle, tribal and tropical motifs, with a spin on Native American heritage and turned it into a collection for each season. Having carried Acacia since the beginning, we have been able to see the growth in Acacia and could not be happier for these two. Meeting them in Miami for Miami Swim Week and having the first appointment of the morning, we knew this season’s 2016 collection would kill it! Catching up with the designer duo as they just headed home from Bali while finalizing the 2017 collection, here are some inspirations for you Vida’s to get to know the kini’ designers themselves!




The 2016 collection is killing it, what was your inspiration with your key print Aloha and the colors chosen?
Naomi: Our Aloha print is a new version of our older Vintage Aloha print. It did so well and everyone wanted it back we thought we would bring it back in a new colorway. It speaks Hawaii and Hawaii is where we are from. Aloha inspired prints are mandatory for us :).
I am also obsessed with neutrals so that is why you can see a lot of neutrals in our collections with pops of bright!

When did you guys decide you wanted to start your own line?
Naomi: Oh gosh. Ages ago. I made my first samples in Indonesia back in 2006. In high school I was sewing my own bikinis then I met my manufacturer and didn’t have to anymore.
Lyndie: Modeling swimwear as far back as I can remember and owning my own line was a huge dream.

What was the first step you took in starting up your own line?
Naomi: Learning how to sew my own suits was very crucial for me. That was the beginning of it all and really the ground work of acacia.
Lyndie: Many years ago modeling Naomis first few suits that she had made led us to teaming up and starting Acacia.

Tips for our Bikini lovers on becoming successful business women?
Naomi: Follow your heart. Sounds cheesy but its so true. Don’t let people tell you anything otherwise. If you believe in something stick by it! Everyone put us down for our small cut bottoms during the early stages of ACACIA but I stuck by what I loved and believed in and look at the success of the minimum coverage bottoms today :)
Lyndie: Making your dreams your reality! Set goals and stick to them and love what you do. We stuck to our smaller cuts and what we love and it all worked out.

We know you have been in Bali lately besides the whole design process what is the best part about being there?
The beautiful kind people, the culture, our Bali family, the food and the beauty. It’s our second home!
Lyndie: Love Bali! Love the yummy restaurants, beautiful people and the warm ocean waters. We are so fortunate to be able to go to Bali and work because the energy there is so inspiring and uplifting.

Aside from having such crazy schedules with traveling and working so much what are some of your favorite things to do in your spare time?
Naomi: Swim, Surf (when not pregnant), play with my fur baby Bronx and just lay low with family and friends. I love being home! Beautiful beaches and waterfalls are basically in our back yard. We are very fortunate.
Lyndie: Living in Hawaii is truly a blessing and I find that we tend to enjoy the more simple things in life. I enjoy running, bike rides, bikram yoga, hikes and the beach to surf. I love being outdoors and getting some sort of exercise. I enjoy having my friends and kids over for BBQs and a swim at my house on the weekends.

So you guys were just designing for your 2017 collection can you give us any inside details about the new collection :)
Naomi: Hm that’s hard. We never like to leek any info but we know you will love it! Stay tuned as we get closer to launch for sneak peeks towards the end of the year and during Fashion Week in Miami!

Lyndie what are your favorite times with you and Axel?
: We have so much fun together. I would have to say just spending quality time with him is my favorite . We love to skate, surf, hike and camp together. We love any sort of adventure but we also love just snuggling up on the couch and watching movies.


Naomi, how did you feel when you found out you were going to become a Mom? (Naomi is expecting)
: Oh man. I wanted it so badly and then it happened and to be honest I didn’t feel very excited. But in my defense I have had a very difficult pregnancy….every lame pregnancy symptom in the books I have had. I still don’t understand how some woman love pregnancy. But despite the tough times I am very excited to meet baby boy. I will be surrounded by all boys :)



Naomi and Lyndie Themselves

Favorite spot in Bali:
Naomi: Too many to list. Fun and beautiful beaches are endless. Yummy café’s are endless.
Lyndie: I love being in the ocean so I would have to say the beaches.

Favorite Indulgence:
Naomi: I’m a pie lover. Blackberry pie is my weakness. I could eat a whole one to myself in one sitting!
Lyndie: Spa treatments and Mexican food!

Song that best describes you Lyndie?
Lyndie: Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole – Hele on to Kauai . It’s a song about the beautiful island of Kauai that I live on and it truly makes my soul happy
Your go-to Acacia Piece:
Naomi: Kanaio top / Hookipa bottom + Napali mesh top / Ho’okipa mesh bottom
Lyndie: Manhattan Top / Ho’okipia Bottom. Locals top / Axel Bottom. Ehukai


Acacia continues to be one of the strongest collections on our site, we hope you enjoyed getting to meet the designers as we love sharing their collection with you season after season :)! Shop all Acacia through our link directly below!

Acacia Swimwear

XX Vida Soleil

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Spring Fever

Dressing for spring break is pretty simple and cut to the chase. Only a few necessities are needed and life becomes so simple. A girl and her bikini, a sundress with a pair of sunnies are all that really matters! Days on end spent soaking up all the Vitamin D one can get while wearing your new bikini, like the bloom of a flower, life doesn’t get much better! Below are some of our favorites for your spring break fun! All shop-able on Vidasoleil.com!




 Vida’s Spring Fever


 Flower Powerblue-life-purpleBlue Life Hypnotic Tri Top
Blue Life Hypnotic Skimpy Bottom

Vintage Mandala
Rove Sienna Top
Rove Finola Bottom

Sexy Screams Springminimal-animal-springMinimale Animale Bandit Top
Minimale Animale Bandi Brief

 Picnic Perfectbree-in-l-spaceL*Space Athena Top
L*Space Low Down Bottom

Fun and Flirty

Frankies Bikini Malia Top
Frankies Kaia Bottom

The Perfect Beach Towel majorelle-beach-peopleThe Beach People Majorelle



Cheers Vidas as no Spring Break would be complete with out a cocktail in hand! Click link below to shop more spring inspired styles!

Spring Break Bikini Bash



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TAVIK Designer Carly Osler and the newly made swimwear manufactured in California

Local brand that zests right up the street from us has announced their extensive choice in the manufacturing aspect of their brand, cultivated from modern beach culture, TAVIK SWIMWEAR! With the introduction to swimwear in 2009, Tavik can now proudly say that their swimwear is in fact made in California! Times are hard and when it boils down to it, most need the least cost effective way to mass produce their swimwear. The line portrays the bikini badass who has an underlying love for monochromatic fashion and classics that never go out of style! Designer Carly Osler and her team below are seen first hand working one on one with the manufacturers who create the beach derived brand TAVIK SWIMWEAR. Watch as the story unfolds of a day in the life of the TAVIK TEAM and the process of their swimwear line becoming perfected.




I then was able to catch up with the local petite-blonde-babe herself and ask her a few questions on this awesome experience of execution to production:

What was your first design job and how did you get started with Tavik?
My path is little bit different than most designers. I’ve worked in many different avenues of the fashion industry, which gave me a lot of insight into many aspects of the business. I have had roles in Visual Merchandising, Product Development and ran a Sales Showroom before making the move to LA. Through networking and my Tumblr, Tenshadesofgrey.tumblr.com (named before the book!) TAVIK’s founder noticed me, and design became the next chapter of my career!

What drove you to become a swim designer?
For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with fashion trends and design, fashion in general. I would say it’s the possibility of being creative every day and being able to execute the ideas into a product that people are excited to wear and own. Since I’m from Canada, I always dreamed of palm trees and warm sunsets while growing up and I love designing swimwear that allows girls to live out these dreams.

I grew up in Kelowna BC, Canada. It’s a beautiful desert lake town that surprisingly gets hot in the summer!

What inspires you the most for your patterns and cuts?
It varies each season but a lot of my inspo stems from women and men’s street style as well as fashion shows. I am constantly creating mental photos no matter where I am or what I am doing.

One of our favorite local brands, what is your favorite thing to do in your spare time here in Orange County?
Whenever I’m not working I make sure to spend time with my fiancé and my girlfriends. My wedding is only 3 months away, so you will currently find me at Grit Cycle and Equinox. I also love riding my bike to the beach and weekend brunching, usually accompanied by a glass of rosé. Oh and of course, shopping.

Favorite place to eat around here?
I’m a foodie so it’s hard to pick just one… For lunch: Green Leaf, Tender Greens, and the Urth Café that recently opened a Laguna Beach location. Dinner spots: Gulfstream, San Shi Go or Sushi Sho, The Crowbar, and anywhere with a rooftop for happy hour.

Before Tavik was not always made in the U.S. what drove you guys to have it all manufactured here in the U.S.?
Ultimately, I think the overarching reason was to be closer to our product. With domestic production, we are able to be way more hands-on with our swimwear. We pride ourselves on quality, fit and delivering on time. With production so close, we get to touch and feel the fabrics, and actually try the fits, real time, while working with our factory and fit technicians. We feel lucky to be able to hold fittings at the factory so we can make any fit changes right away. Our relationship with our factory is more familiar than a business relationship because we all care, and put so much TLC into our suits. We aim for our customer to experience this dedication so they have confidence when they wear them. We want to cater to those customers who are looking for special swimwear pieces with a great fit, and who really appreciate where the product comes from.

Typical day at the office is like?
I’m a morning person, but, I have to have my Starbucks. I get inspired each morning by listening to music or a podcast; I’ve loved Man Repeller’s – Monocycle lately. The best part about my job is that every day is different. Depending on the day, I sketch designs, style shoots, post on social outlets, and attend swim fittings. I eat lunch most days at work, prepared by our in house talent, Chef Carlos.

Favorite Travel spot or most desired place to go to?
My happy place is Palm Springs. Being Canadian, I love anywhere with palm trees and a pool. Apart from that, I’ve always wanted to go to the Amalfi Coast, and this September we are lucky enough to go for our honeymoon!

What describes your style and design best?
I usually gravitate towards a monochromatic palette. My closet consists of basics that I know will work day after day, accented by a few investments in well-made and on trend pieces – usually shoes, boots, purses and jackets. I do my shopping late at night on the computer; I’m a vigorous online shopper. I’ve also been lucky enough to be surrounded by various talented female friends in the industry which definitely influences my style too. Splitting my time between two countries, I feel lucky to have the city influence of Vancouver mixed with LA’s modern boho vibes.


tavik-for-blog2016 Tavik Jessie Top
2016 Tavik Ali Bottom

tavik-white-32016 Tavik Jessie Top
2016 Tavik Chloe Bottom

2016 Tavik Ryan Top
2016 Ali Bottom


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7 Tips to that Bikini body; Spring is near!

We all know winter is the season where your big sweaters, flannels, leggings and yoga pants are your best friend! The time where staying in and watching movies while eating your whole cupboard is somewhat acceptable. I mean after all you’re either snowed in or it is raining. The season where alcohol consumption is a little higher; you’re either trying to stay warm or you are too cold to leave the restaurant at brunch. Next thing you know March is around the corner and your left looking in the mirror like a deer in head lights going “how did this happen” not to mention you have no tan at the moment. By all means we want to avoid that lovely image we all have in our minds right now with these 7 easy steps to help physically and mentally prepare yourself into your Spring Break Body!


Snack on fruits and veggies:
Ditch the Doritos and go raw. Raw veggies and fruits are full of chock h20, a stomach flattening fiber which will also help curb your appetite. Healthy and no appetite, sounds good to us!



Say it with us “Water Water Water” :
Of course who doesn’t get a craving once in a blue moon for a soda or perhaps even a juice, and we are not talking from Pressed or Nekter. Next time you even allow yourself to think that, think “bikini body, water water water” Staying hydrated does not only keep your skin looking dewy but your metabolism will be humming pretty quickly. Bring me a gallon!



Even if your stuck inside there is no excuse as to why you cannot “tone.” Do squats for 3 sets of 8-12 reps. Want to hit 6 muscles at once? Push-ups it is! Targeting your biceps, triceps, deltoids, pecs, abs and glutes, push-ups can really make a difference! Not feeling your strongest? That’s okay start with a bent-knee push up.


beach-bodyFill up on protein:
Foods that are high in protein can speed up your metabolism and digestive process. Your stomach feels full longer and it sends a message to your brain that you do not need to eat more. Aside from your veggies and side dish your protein should not be larger than your fist.
“I’ll have a salad” in a sad tone. But remember not all salads are low in calories. Pack on the dressing and you might as well order the burger you have been craving! Less cheese, croutons and bacon bits will do you a huge favor in the end! Light dressings and adding vibrant vegetables such as spinach or apples can fill you up even more!


While you’re having so much fun and feel you ate “so good today,” to contradict tonight’s consumption, beware alcohol is crashing your diet. It slows your ability to burn fat and causes major bloating. Wine has huge amounts of sugar (I know so sad) and a beer can pack up to 150 calories. Just re-think your snow day in of over indulging. Try and cut back to 2-3 nights a week so you have extra energy to work out the next day.



 Cut out the Carbs:
A girls best friend and enemy, time to say bye-bye to your favorite eats. Pizza, bagels, muffins, croissants, cookies, and crackers are loaded with extra sodium which cause you to retain water and look extra puffy. No thanks!

donutsWe hope these 7 easy steps will help you to get in the right mind set as spring is approaching near. Next time your co-workers bring donuts, pastries or have mimosa Friday’s try and hold back and think bikini bikini bikini!


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Your Bikini Style

Every girl has her own style and vibes. Let’s be honest swim suit shopping can be stressful at times, right fit, too tight, too much coverage or not enough! Whether you are more of a fashionable/statement gal or a low key simple beauty, our goal is to help you pick out the best style that fits your personality and makes you feel confident and sexy. Vida Soleil offers a wide variety of styles helping you to play up your best assets. The type of bathing suit you wear on your tropical wanderings or summer beach day says it all! We have broken it down into three different styles to help you find what best fits your style and personality!




Fun and Flirty Girly Girl:

fun-and-flirty-1Kai Lani Bralette and Boom Boom Bottom

fun-and-flirty-22016 Acacia Na’Pali Top and Pipeline Bottom

fun-and-flirty-32016 Lolli Yum Yum Set

fun-and-flirty-52016 Tori Praver Lahaina Set

isla-james-double2016 Isla James Bernadette Set




Wild Child:

minimal-animal-wild2016 Minimale Animal Bandit Set

acacia-sexy2016 Acacia Dubai Top and Fiji Bottom

minimal-palm-tree2016 Minimale Animale Palm One Piece

acacia-wild2016 Acacia Awapui Top and Pipeline Bottom

boys-and-arrows-eagle2016 Boys and Arrows Fillis the Fire Cracker Top and Jessie the Juvenille Bottom


Sporty Spice:


honu-top2016 Acacia x Olympia


acacia-hamptons2016 Acacia Olympia Set

billabong-sporty2016 Billabong Tropical Daze Set

billabong-sporty-22016 Billabong Road Wanderer Top and Isla Bottom




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Little Black Bikini

Every girl has their go to little black dress, little black skirt, pretty much little black anything. It’s just a go to! A comfort zone that you know when putting on you feel confident, sexy and are ready for a good time! There are always those days when you don’t want to stand out by wearing a bright color or funky pattern, but you want to look and feel good. This goes for a little black bikini as well. A day with the girls, a trip to Cabo or family days on the weekend, you just aren’t in the “mood ” to be bright and vibrant. For this reason, every girl needs a LBB! Also your little black bikini is most likely going to be the suit of yours to withstand stains, we can thank Maui Babe for those, and is most likely to be your most timeless kini. With that being said here are some of our favorite LBB from our website!



Minimal Animal Lucid Sting Set

little-black-bikini-6Mikoh Honolulu Top and Praia Bottom

little-black-bikini-2Acacia Lumahai Top and Kauai Bottom

little-black-bikini-7Posh Pua Kainalu Crochet Set

little-black-bikini-5Minimal Animal Presley Top and Don’t Be Cruel Bottom

As black is known to be the most flattering piece on any skin tone, having a little black bikini can be your ultimate go to for any day in the sun! Get these looks on Vidasoleil.com now!


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Merbabe Bree Kleintop: Q & A

With our company subsiding in Huntington and our team having a strong following in the Surf Industry, we knew who we wanted to shoot! We had our eyes peeled for a while and knew exactly who we wanted. When Bree was younger her talent for surfing was put on blast on the cover of just about every surfing magazine to date. But recently discovering her newest career and passion for modeling was absolute music to our ears! She arrived at the office Tuesday morning after Memorial Day, all smiles with her quirky, positive and fun vibes. Bree was so much fun to work with and we are excited to keep having her work with Vida! After meeting up in Miami at the Frankies Fashion Show, I decided I wanted her to be our next interview! With the sweetest intent she’s one fun merbabe! I was able to catch up more with her after the Miami Swim Week Madness!


We were so happy to run into you at Frankies Fashion Show, what was your overall thought on Miami Swim Week?
So great seeing you guys there also! It was insanity! Nonstop fun events… without Mercedes Benz sponsoring it this year, it was super interesting seeing how each line chose to present their show and make it their own signature style, so unique. Loved seeing the Frankie’s show it was full of energy and sass she’s such a talented designer, parties like the Treats Mag / Lezard swim event with the models ice skating or Vix’s Swim Picnic laying on the beach and of course being able to walk in the electrifying Indah show closing the week out was simply amazing.

So we know you walked in the brand we carry Indah’s fashion show the night after we saw you, how did it go and what were you thinking the whole time? PS you looked so hot and killed it!
Woohoo thank you! It was such an honor to be asked to open and walk in the Indah show, it’s one of my all time favorite lines! They were one of the first campaigns I shot when I started modeling. Libby and the rest of the Indah family have always been so supportive. She is truly the most amazing designer and the new collection is gorgeous! It was craziness, I walked in a show right before it so I was literally running to get to hair & makeup before the show was about to start! So much adrenaline pumps through you when you look out to the runway surrounded by the W Hotel pool and hundreds of people. You just keep chanting in your head don’t fall in these 6 inch heel boots and sequin gown or even worse the idea of falling in the boots and thong bikini I wore next! And mostly you just want to represent the gorgeous pieces the designer chose for you to wear to the best of your ability so it conveys their vision! Loved getting to be a badass rocker babe in that show…the smokey eye makeup was so stunning and the suits even more stunning.

bree in indah

What was the deciding point of putting surfing on the low and taking up modeling more seriously?
Surfing will always be a huge part of my life, I try to juggle doing both. I have been blessed with sponsors that support me to be more of a lifestyle surfer rather than chasing the contests, which has allowed me time to grow with the opportunities offered to me for modeling. I think the fact that I’m over 5’9 really helped agencies notice and want to sign me. It’s been exciting to see the world with surfing and now from a different point of view through modeling working with so many incredible clients, like you guys. Love shooting with my Vida Soleil fam!

So I have to ask how did you meet your current BF Eric Geiselman, and what do you guys do for fun?
Every winter I spend time with my sponsors surfing and filming on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. I had met Eric briefly in Cali surfing Lowers and playing a round of golf with friends and had thought he was possibly the sexiest guy I had ever seen, but I was seeing someone else at the time. Then a couple of months later newly single in Hawaii, I had gone to a party and run into him again. I remember when he leaned in to hug me hello the butterflies I got was something I had never felt before. The next day he called to ask me out on a date and we’ve been glued to each other since. It’s the best when you meet someone that makes you feel that magic and three years later he still gives me those same butterflies! He makes me laugh constantly, whether it’s splitting waves surfing, playing guitar together or some morning yoga, he always keeps me on my toes. Favorite date night is dinner, climbing up on the roof to eat some froyo while watching the stars, then cuddle up watching a movie with my babe. I’m a lucky girl!

bree and eric 12

What are you favorite things to do when you’re not shooting or surfing?
I’m fully an outdoor girl…. Love going for a beach run, paddle boarding, getting the crew together for a beach day, I’m always in charge of bringing the snacks…. Or just reading a great book and playing some music. I also love to film and create cool edits, it’s been really challenging to learn and improve my skill level!
So I’ve read in other interviews you love to cook, what is your favorite thing to cook?
Total foodie! Going out to eat too much can forsure pack on the pounds, so instead I love to find ways to create healthy meals using fresh seasonal foods and piling all my friends around the table entertaining. I grew up on the East Coast so a lot of my inspiration for cooking comes from my love for Southern cooking. And I’m also obsessed with Thai, just made the most amazing dish last night!

Your go to beauty product is?
Coconut oil! Moisturizes your insides when you add it to coffee & smoothies and moisturizes your outsides….Use it for skin, make up removal, hair, always apply it before I go surfing to protect it from sun and saltwater damage, it is even great to use for oil pulling to whiten your teeth!
What is something you would like everyone to know more about you?
I guess a lot of times girls think my life is golden, but it’s been years and years of hard work and training to be able to do what I do. I started traveling for surfing when I was 12, it was too hard to live on the East Coast so far from the industry and so I definitely missed out on some of the normal things my friends back home were doing like parties and prom. With everything there are for sure sacrifices, but it has all been worth it! My schedule can get pretty crazy, so when I get down time I’m usually like just relaxing at home with my hair up in a top knot and makeup free! I’m also a bit of a clutz haha and tend to slip up and say things that are some what airy that my friends call Breeisms ….
What was the day like shooting here at Vida for you and what did you think?
Vida is the best! You guys are the sweetest and I felt like I’ve always known you! So many gorgeous bikinis to shoot in, it’s exciting to see and be able to try on the new suits coming out! I’m looking forward to shooting next time out of studio, love the whole vibe of the fresh, fun, beach girl lifestyle Vida Soleil has!

What is one song that you would say describes you?
Oh that’s a good question! It depends on my mood but I’d have to go with ‘Gypsey’ by the legendary Fleetwood Mac… Love me some Stevie Nicks!
We are so happy and honored to have you do our e-commerce work and look forward to working with you in the future! Any last last tips for our girls on health and happiness?
Thank you! Love you guys can’t wait for our next shoot together! Yes absolutely laugh a lot, give out kindness easily, don’t let fear hold you back… you never know what can happen! Don’t look back a year from now and regret not starting towards your dreams today! Xoxo

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One on One with Hanalei Reponty: Designer of Abysse!

We are so excited and honored to be adding to our collection the ocean and reef inspired swimwear brand Abysse! Designer and creator bronzed goddess Hanalei Reponty set out to create a brand with purpose. One that is not only fashionable but functional! The blonde native of Tahiti grew up surfing and traveling the globe with one thing on her mind and that was to create a swimwear line that not only carried sustainable products but gave back to the earth. After researching for a while, Hanalei came across a high quality material, an innovative material and one that not many designers have even questioned using. As one of the most eco-friendly materials to date, the Earth loving surfer/model knew Geoprene was the right choice for her collection! Geoprene provides comfort and further reduces water resistance. We all know we don’t want to get water logged in the ocean, that would be a disaster!  The globe trotter and friend of Vida Soleil took the time to answer some questions, shes one fun mermaid!





What made you decide to start your own swimwear line?
I could not find any technical wetsuits that were cute to wear… I decided to launch my own collection creating a line that would be of highest quality but with fashionable designs. My goal was to create a brand that would stand for something greater by using eco-friendly materials and supporting the environment through charity. I believed that there were many girls like me who were tomboys at heart and believed the ocean was a magic place, that had the same needs and wants…
What is your go to snack?
Mangos and Blueberries when I feel like something sweet… or Popcorn when I feel cheeky!
What is your nationality?
Both of my parents are French, but I was born and raised in Tahiti, in French Polynesia. I moved to Australia when I was 18 to go to a University and now I am based in California… I am so proud to have had such an amazing diverse background and a life full of different culture.
So what is it like dating one of the world’s hottest surfers :)?
It is pretty awesome! Patrick and I met in 2008 in France… and since then I haven’t been able to get him out of my mind. We are so damn lucky to both live the life we do, pursuing our dreams and traveling the world in the search of perfect waves and always being inspired by any new culture or country we visit. I am so grateful to have him by my side, as we share the same vision of the world and he is my partner in crime in everything I do.
What is your perfect bikini?
My perfect bikini is the perfect mix between fashion and function. It will stay on when I surf but leave no tan marks. It is classy, simple and timeless.
Do you have any experience in the fashion industry/Schooling to design?
I did a Bachelors of Commerce for 4 years at the University of Sydney, but I have no experience in design or fashion technically… although I have learned a lot while being sponsored by Ripcurl and working with amazing brands throughout my modeling career. I have always loved creating and it has been a blast designing a collection that represents my aesthetic.
What is your personal favorite style in the line Abysse?
It changes every day! I am obsessed with the Lotte wetsuit as it is warm and perfect for all ocean conditions and sports, but I love the Mehgan to surf. I absolutely love the Jenna bikini as it is to me sexy but classy, and represents Abysse for what it stands for. Lastly, the Elle is timeless. All the pieces were designed with so much love that I can not pick one I love them all!

Okay so I have to ask, what do you do to get your hair so long?
It just grows! So many people ask me if I have extensions, or what supplements I take to grow my hair… and most don’t believe me but it just grows! If you knew my family you would understand, my mother has the most beautiful head of hair and so does my dad. I guess it runs in the family! Lucky genetic lottery!
Favorite beauty products?
I am obsessed with Nuxe products I couldn’t live without them. My favorites in their line are the ‘Reve de Miel’ Lip balm, and the ‘Huile Prodigieuse’.
What has been your favorite place to travel?
It is so hard to pick one. All the places you visit have their own charm, their own culture, their own history that makes them what they are today. I fall in love, so in love, with all the places I visit.
Favorite beach/vacation spot?
My favorite beach in Tahiti. Never fails.
Tell us one interesting thing about you?
I am an environmentalist. I want to help animals and the planet in any way I can. Spending so much time in the water and exploring our world, it breaks my heart that so much pollution exists. I believe we can change the world with our own two hands, and small actions go a long way. My dream is to educate people and conserve our planet for future generations.


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Up and Coming Aloe

We have had our eyes on this brand since the beginning and knew it was going to take off! Australian designer and creator, Chloe Chapman of Aloe swimwear is such a sweet person in general but her brand speaks for itself. Beginning its journey in 2013, the name “Al-oh-we” is derived from A for Alyson (mum) and loé, from the end of Chloé, with the name Chloé actually meaning “green shoot.” Having a meaning to your swim brand just makes it all the more special! Chloe studied marketing, social media and advertising as she took her creativeness into a reality by creating seamless yet affordable swimwear. As some may know her current boyfriend @followthefishtv (Paul Fisher), such a riot in the surf industry, has also helped and supported Chloe along the way; so awesome! We were able to catch up with the babe of a designer herself; this is what she has to say:



What made you want to design your own swim line and what was your inspiration behind the cuts and styles?
I was living in California for about 9 months in 2013, chasing summers and living in a swimsuit. Dreading heading back to Sydney, Australia to my Monday-Friday 9-5 job and having always had a dream of starting my own business, it just felt natural to take a punt and give it a go.
For the last 8 years or so, I have been drawn to wearing the smaller brazilian bikinis and to be honest it’s a really niche market in Australia, you simply can’t get them! This is why I started… over the years I spent way too much money on shipping getting those tiny bikinis to Australia from Hawaii, US and Brazil. I guess I just saw that small gap in the market and jumped on in.
Was Orange-Pop and Odyssey your first go –to colors?
Actually it wasn’t, this was an injection that I threw in there really late in the game. I wanted to give my customers a little more variety and not leave them waiting a whole year for the next collection. I decided to drop it in coming into the US Summer of last year, its definitely been a hit, that Orange Pop colour on tanned skin along with a reverse bikini of black… how could you go wrong?
Where are some of your inner inspirations for the line from?
To be honest, my designs all start and stem from comfort and quality, I always try to work around those pre-requisites. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable bikini, one that is too tight in the wrong places, digs in or you fall out of. I try to keep it very simple, and my prints, I like to make really feminine and beautiful, this collection I have a peony print (which is my favourite flower) teamed with neon pink!
What is your favorite vacation spot?
I would have to say Hawaii! How can you not love tandem surfing at Waikiki and drinking cocktails at Dukes over sunset… That’s my idea of heaven!
What is your favorite part about your job?
Flexibility and lifestyle! I get to travel a lot and don’t have to be couped up in a big ol’ office. I get to work when and where I want, whether that be in Bali (when my suits are manufactured) or home sweet home.
Have you always wanted to be a swimwear designer?
Not really, I’ve always wanted to own my own business, but was a bit up in the air with what kind of business! The swimwear part just popped into my head during a day of brainstorming and I just ran with it. But like I mentioned before, I have always been a bikini connoisseur, so it was like a light bulb going off in my head. It was meant to be!
Where is your favorite place to get your clothing?
My fave little local store, Splice Boutique… They have beautiful timeless pieces; I never walk out with nothing in my hand! The girls who work there are extremely lovely too, I spend hours upon hours chatting away. Check them out; http://www.spliceboutique.com.au/
What is the hardest part about your career choice?
Nothing, I love every second of it… I really do have the best job in the world!
Favorite Aloe piece and go to?
Definitely our Bilgola Fixed Tri and Chloe Bottoms both in Odyssey (I’m a complete sucker for stripes, my whole wardrobe consists of them!)
I notice you have awesome skin, what is your beauty regime?
Honestly, I don’t have any special secret products, which I use. I’m very strict however with always washing my face morning and night, then moistening. Oh, and not wearing make up when possible.
Okay and I have to ask, how much fun do you have with Paul (followthefish) (for those that don’t know) and where did you guys meet?
Good question haha, yes, of course, we have so much fun together! We’re a pretty honest and real couple, what you see if what you get, and yes most of the time is Paul annoying me ;) But I wouldn’t be able to live without it now!

Where did we meet? We were both on a girls/boys trip in Bali in 2012 and met out one night in Kuta (gross!) We absolutely love Bali, you will catch us there a few times a year, its our go to place…



Xoxo Vida Soleil

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